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The Special Study on the Theme of “Remaining True to the Original Aspiration and Keeping the Mission Firmly in Mind”

2019-10-17 13:05
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According to the unified arrangement of the theme of “remaining true to our original aspiration and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, on October 8th and 11th, the deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor Yuan Fang carried out a special investigataiong in some pig farm, processing enterprises and trading markets in Santai County and Zitong County, focusing on the aim of promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the pig industry.
Mianyang Mingxing Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a  leading enterprise in provincial agricultural industrialization management that integrates breeding, expansion, raising, sales and slaughtering of pigs. Yuan Fang inspected the scale of the enterprise and the construction of the standardization demonstration field. He affirmed the enterprise's accelerated production and expansion of the pigs and its active exploration of the development model of “enterprise + cooperatives + farmers”. He hoped that the enterprise would give full play to the leading role and further innovate the interest distribution mechanism, so as to promote the development of moderate-scale farmers, and contribute more to the sustainable and stable income of farmers and the sustainable and healthy development of the city's pig industry.
Yuan Fang is very concerned about the situation of pig breeding and epidemic prevention and control .)He came to Zhengda Leigongshan Pig Farm in Zitong County, Quanyuan Family Farm in Sanquan Town, Tianxing Village, and observed the conditions of sows, pig breeding, sales and disease prevention and control. He hoped that everyone will maintain confidence, seize opportunities, overcome difficulties and further improve animal disease prevention and control system. It is necessary to vigorously promote standardization, scale, scientific farming, and strives to seize the favorable position of the industrial chain and create a comprehensive advantage in pig production.
In recent years, Mianyang has actively built a platform for the integration and development of the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of pig industries. And some large food processing enterprises have focused on building the whole industrial chain of livestock and poultry slaughtering, segmentation and processing of food. Yuan Fang came to Shanghai Meilin Zhengguang Mianyang Company, Changlin Meat Food Company, Tieqi Lishi Lvxiyou Food Valley. He learned about livestock slaughtering, meat reserve and cold chain transportation, and discussed with the person in charge of the enterprise about how to further strengthen the intensive processing of livestock products and extend the industrial chain and other issues. He encouraged enterprises to keep a close eye on market demand, increase R&D investment, continuously develop marketable products, have large-scale and excellent products, make a greater brand, and enable more “Mianyang made” products to enter thousands of households.
“How much turnover is there every day? How many traders enter the pig trading market?” In Santai County National Pig Market- Sichuan Trading Market, Yuan Fang learned more about market management operations. Recognizing that since the online operation at the end of August this year has traded more than 18000 pigs with a trading volume of more than 50,000, 000 yuan, he gave acknowledgement to the accomplishments. He hoped that the trading market will be based in Mianyang, radiating the whole province, and comprehensively utilizing the Internet, and logistics, big data and other technical means to continuously optimize the platform functions, so as to provide more value-added services, constantly expand the scale and radiation range of the platform, and play a greater role in activating the pig trading market.
In the study, Yuan Fang emphasizes that “the safety of pig industry and food industry help to create a stable world”, and that the development of the pig industry has always been a major concern for people and the society. Mianyang is the largest market for pig production in Sichuan, and it is very important to ensure stable production and supply of pigs. It is necessary to closely integrate the theme education of “remaining true to the original aspiration and keeping the mission in mind”, and conscientiously implement the requirements of the central and provincial and municipal deployments. We should adopt a more precise and detailed work layout, and focus on solving the practical problems that the people are eagerly awaiting and solidly ensure the stable production of pigs, and provide work to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the pig industry and offer strong support for the development of the city's agricultural scale. We must conscientiously implement the program support policies, vigorously promote the standardization and large-scale breeding of pigs, support the large-scale breeding farms to increase the raising number of pigs, so as to promote the city's pig industry and accelerate the transformation of the pig industry from extensive to intensive as soon as possible. It is necessary to do a good job in the prevention and control of swine fever in Africa, strengthen the construction of an animal epidemic prevention systems, and take measures such as monitoring and investigation, emergency disposal, and supervision of kitchen wastes, and speed up the preparation of short-term grassroots epidemic prevention teams and facilities and equipment. Simultaneously, we should make great efforts to develop green farming and recycle agriculture, increase the promotion of innovative technologies and facilities and equipment transformation, promote the harmless treatment and utilization of livestock and poultry feces, and accelerate the transformation and upgrading of pig industry. We should strengthen the monitoring and early warning of the pork market and link up production and marketing, timely release market dynamic information, do a good job of transferring pigs into the market and store frozen pork, improve the control and supply capacity of the pork market, and ensure that the pork market is supplied adequately and the price is stable.
Vice Mayor Jing Dazhong, and Secretary General of the Municipal Government Wu Mingyu, participated in the study.

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