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Yuan Fang Made a Special Report on the Party Class on the Theme of "Never Forget Original Mind and Keep Mission in Mind"

2019-10-24 09:54
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According to the unified arrangement and deployment of the theme education of "Never Forget Original Mind and Keep Mission in Mind", on October 8 and 11, Yuan Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, carried out a special research on promoting the sustainable and healthy development of the pig industry. On October 15, Yuan Fang made a special party lesson report entitled "stick to the original mission, develop modern agriculture, and laid solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way" in combination with work practice and special investigation. 
Yuan Fang pointed out in the special party lesson report that China is a large agricultural country, and attaching importance to agriculture and consolidating the foundation is the basis for the people and the key to governing the country. Throughout the 70 year development process, from land reform to agricultural cooperation, from people's commune to household contract management, our party has always taken relying on farmers and seeking happiness for hundreds of millions of farmers as an important mission. Agricultural and rural development has made historic achievements and historical changes, playing a role of ballast for the sustainable and healthy development of the national economy. In 2018, the total grain output of China increased by 4.8 times compared with 1949, the irrigation area of cultivated land increased by 2.4 times compared with 1952, the comprehensive mechanization rate of grain crops exceeded 80%, and the Chinese people's jobs were firmly in their hands. In the new era of endeavour, we should thoroughly study general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on the work of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, firmly use armed minds, guide practice and promote work, so as to ensure that the agricultural development of the city is always in the right direction.
Yuan Fang pointed out that in 70 years, Mianyang agricultural development has experienced the foundation of the start, the low level of wandering, adjustment and recovery, rapid development of four stages, the realization of the agricultural city to agricultural strong city brilliant transformation. The 18th Party Congress in particular, we insist on agricultural supply side structural reform as the main line to accelerate agricultural modernization, and agricultural rural development made significant achievements with becoming a national commodity grain base, the base of pig strategic security, national hybrid rice seed production base and the province grain, oil, silk, pig important region. However, we should also be aware that problems still exist in Mianyang, such as low level of agricultural industrialization, poor product quality, fewer well-known brands with characteristics, lacking of young rural labor force, and poor flow of resource elements. We must regard "for farmers to seek happiness, for rural revitalization" as the implementation of the original mission of concrete action.We will develop agriculture and build rural areas so that farmers will have more sense of access and contribute more to the country's agricultural modernization.
Yuan Fang stressed that speeding up the transformation and upgrading of pig industry is of great significance to the sustainable and healthy development of agriculture. In combination with the in-depth research on the theme of "Never Forget Original Mind and Keep Mission in Mind", through the research of "dissecting sparrow" type on the development of pig industry in the whole city, it is conducive to effectively identify the deep-seated problems faced by the development of pig industry, and further study and determine the innovative measures based on the current recovery of production and supply and the long-term transformation of ways to promote transformation.
All relevant parties should adhere to the problem orientation, pay more attention to mode transformation, structural optimization and power transformation, and strive to inject new impetus, explore new paths and make new contributions to promote the high-quality development of agriculture in the city. First, we need to build a base. Adhere to the guidance of large-scale development, accelerate the construction of a number of high-end characteristic agricultural product bases, increase the construction of agricultural infrastructure, and strengthen the characteristic and advantageous agricultural industry. Second, creating a brand.We should adhere to the principle of developing agriculture by quality and strengthening agriculture by brand, make a contribution to national geographical indication protection products, and focus on cultivating and building "six key industries" and "ten leading varieties" product brands, at last  lead the high-quality development of agriculture by brand. Third, we should cultivate the main body. We will vigorously cultivate agricultural industrialization consortiums, make every effort to reduce the production costs of agricultural enterprises, actively support leading agricultural enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and further strengthen the enterprise support for high-quality agricultural development.Fourth, promoting integration.Including promoting the internal integration of agriculture, advancing the integration of food, economy, feeding, planting, breeding and fishery, and boosting the integration of agriculture and secondary and tertiary industries. Developing the intensive processing industry of agricultural products, creating a variety of leisure agriculture and rural tourism products with distinctive characteristics, and improving the comprehensive agricultural benefits are also required. Fifth, we should focus on reform. We will consolidate and improve the basic management system in rural areas, deepen the reform of the rural land system and the rural collective property rights system, improve various supporting and protection policies in rural areas, so as to promote the overall upgrading of agriculture, the overall progress of rural areas, and the overall development of farmers. Sixth,risk prevention. Follow the laws of nature and economy, encourage financial institutions to innovate financial products, focus on building a modern agricultural risk prevention and control system, and further prevent and reduce agricultural risks.
Zhao Yingchun and Lan Jin, leaders of the city, Wu Mingyu, Secretary General of the Municipal Government, leaders of counties, cities (parks), some municipal departments, and representatives of Party members of the municipal government office listened to the special party class report.

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