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Yuanfang Held the Meeting of Finding the Gap Between the Party Group of the Municipal Government and the Party Constitution and Rules

2019-10-24 09:55
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On October 17, the Party group of the municipal government held a special meeting to find the gap against the party constitution and rules. Yuan Fang, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, mayor and Secretary of the Party group of the municipal government, presided over the meeting and made a speech. Liu yachan and Li Qiangqiang, members of the 10th tour steering group of the Central Committee of the CPC, working on the theme “remaining true to our initiative and keeping our mission firmly in mind”, attended the meeting for guidance.
Before the meeting, the members of the Party group of the municipal government carefully self-taught the party constitution, “Several Guidelines on Inner-Party Political Life in the New Situation” and “the Regulations of the Communist Party of China on Disciplinary Action” in accordance with the relevant requirements of thematic education. Then we wrote the comparative inspection materials. At the meeting, we checked one by one, focusing on the comparison of the party constitution, the Code and the Regulations, closely following the "18 introspective items", starting from the party spirit and ideological roots and the overall situation of promoting the work of the government, closely linking our own thoughts and work reality. Not only did we answered the questions about the comparison of the party constitution and rules, but also made an in-depth analysis of the existing problems, which further enhanced the party's consciousness, Party member's consciousness and discipline consciousness.
The meeting stressed that the party members and members of the municipal government should follow the new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics proposed by Xi Jinping, take the lead in seriously studying the Party constitution and Party regulations, and strictly enforce the Party constitution and Party rules.
First, we should adhere to the principle of deep learning and thorough understanding, and always build a strong sense of Party Constitution and Rules. We should combine the study of Party Constitution and Party Regulations with Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, and with General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on Sichuan's work, especially on Mianyang's work, to grasp the essence of theory; we should adhere to the Party constitution and Party rules as the basic criteria for a just life and a moral career, and always use them to measure and regulate our own words and deeds; we must strictly maintain the political discipline and political rules, enhance the "Four Consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence" and achieve the "two maintenances", and consistently maintain a high degree of consistency in Ideological and political actions with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core.
Second, we should adhere to the combination of learning and utilizing, and consciously implement the requirements of the party constitution and rules. We should adhere to the Party constitution as the key, the code as the criterion, and the regulations as the precept, transform the subjective world, nurture the party spirit, and cultivate the character and sentiment; we should actively publicize the party constitution and rules, and further strengthen the people's ideological identity, value identity, cultural identity, institutional identity and emotional identity of the CPC; we must faithfully defend the party constitution and dare to fight against all factors that affect the party's progressiveness and weaken the purity of the party, so as to maintain the political character and spirit of the Communists.
Third, we should adhere to the principle of "changing while checking", and firmly promote the implementation of problem rectification. We should focus on finding ideological and political problems from work problems, starting with the problems existing at the grass-roots level, improve the integrity and discipline of the government team, and ensure that both work problems and ideological problems are solved; we should attach importance to the combination of finding the gap against the party constitution and rules with the central and provincial special rectification problems, the problems fed back and found by the inspection, and the problems found by the investigation and supervision, so as to promote and fully implement them in an all-round way; we should do a good job in matters of vital interest to the masses, as a concrete action for the government system to carry out in-depth education on the theme of "adhering to our initiative and keeping the mission in mind", so that the cadres and the masses can see real results.
Fourth, we should adhere to the principle of being strict and practical, and constantly improve the party spirit. We should adhere to democratic centralism, hold tight the "powerful fist", play a good "unity card", and constantly enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the government team; we should unswervingly change our ideas, ways and styles of work, resolutely oppose formalism and bureaucracy, and constantly achieve self purification, self-improvement, self innovation and self-improvement; we should persist in strict management of the party, face difficulties and overcome difficulties in reform and development, try our best to solve outstanding problems in the fields of industrial development, project investment, county economy and business environment, so as to fulfill our original mission in accelerating the construction of China's science and technology city, a strong modern city in the western China.
Members of the Party group of the municipal government attended the meeting, and vice mayors of non CPC members attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

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