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The first Sichuan Provincial Expert Intelligence Serving Grass-roots Forum Was Held in Mianyang

2019-10-24 10:11
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The first Sichuan Provincial Expert Intelligence Serving Grass-roots Forum was held in Mianyang on October 16. Hu Bin, Secretary of the Leading Party Members’ Group and director of the Provincial Department of Human and Social Affairs, made a thematic report in the forum. Li Jing, deputy director of the Overseas Students and Expert Service Center of the Ministry of Human and Social Affairs, and vice mayor Jing Dazhong delivered a speech.
Hu Bin made a thematic report on the three parts: the role of expert intelligence service in promoting the high quality development of the province and governing and prospering Sichuan; the main methods and the experience gained, and the forward direction. He pointed out that it was necessary to conscientiously implement the development strategy of "one trunk and multiple branches" of the Provincial Party Committee, to flexibly guide expert talents flow to the grass-roots front line, and to come true the rational distribution of talent scale, talent quality and talent structure among the grass-roots level in the five districts. People's society departments at all levels should adhere to the demand-led problem orientation, combine short-term support with the establishment of a long-term mechanism, correspondingly manoeuver the strength of all parties, further agglomerate the strong forces of various industries and experts in Sichuan serving the grass-roots level, and mobilize the flexible flow of more experts and talents to the grass-roots front line.
At the forum, Sichuan Province expert Intelligence Servicing Grass-roots Alliance was established. At the same time, high-level experts carried out intellectual service activities in Mianyang. 23 of them from various fields helped 31 project units solve technical problems, deal with the development bottleneck, and train professional and technical personnel through academic lectures, on-site guidance, discussion and other ways.
It has been learned that Mianyang has vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening the city with talents in recent years, establishing a new undemanding unfettered view of talent that has no region restrictions. Mianyang invested 60 million yuan a year in special funds for talents, gathering a large number of scientific and technological innovative talents. At present, the city has 26 academicians who come from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering, nearly 1000 experts who receive special allowances from the State Council, 235000 all kinds of professional and technical personnel, and a total of 768000 talents. At the same time, relying on the advantages of human resources, Mianyang has actively organized and carried out expert intelligence serving grass-roots activities, invited 119 well-known experts and scholars to go deep into the front line of the grass-roots level, carried out various forms of intellectual service activities around the fields of health, agriculture, cultural tourism, and so on, solved a total of 229 technical problems, trained 9100 professional and technical personnel of all kinds, benefited 42000 people, and helped to extricate the poor from poverty. All these activities has provided strong support for promoting economic and social development.

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