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The 18th Standing Committee Meeting of the 7th CPPCC Municipal Committee would be Held on October 24 and 25

2019-10-24 10:16
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On October 17, the Municipal Association held the 29th chairman's meeting of the 7th session. It was decided that the 18th standing committee meeting of the 7th CPPCC municipal committee would be held on October 24 and 25. Zhang Jinming, chairman of the CPPCC municipal committee, presided over the meeting.
The conference conveyed the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech on celebrating the 70th anniversary session of the People's Republic of China establishment and the 17th collective learning of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, and studied the eighteenth session of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC seven session. It deliberated the regulations on the work of The Mianyang Municipal Committee of the CPPCC (Revised Draft), The implementation of the Mianyang Municipal Committee of the CPPCC on improving the quality of the proposal(Draft), and The administrative measures of CPPCC members in Mianyang (Draft) and the investigation report on the work of CPPCC members in counties (cities and districts), and relevant personnel matters have been approved.
The meeting pointed out that we should conscientiously study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech, deeply comprehend the spiritual essence and rich connotation, integrate ideas and actions into the spirit of speech, and transform them into a powerful driving force for high-quality CPPCC work. We should give full play to the role of the CPPCC as a special consultative body, carry out all kinds of consultative work around the overall situation of the center, do a solid job in closing this year in accordance with the work plan determined at the beginning of the year, and do a good job in negotiating and researching topics next year, so as to achieve early planning and early arrangement.
The meeting stressed that it is necessary to improve the quality of proposals, adhere to the quality first orientation, strictly review the proposals, and give full play to the positive role of proposals as an important channel for the CPPCC system to participate in politics and deliberation. We will improve the administrative measures for members of the CPPCC municipal committee in a scientific manner and give full play to the main role of members of the CPPCC municipal committee. We should make good preparations for the 18th standing committee meeting of the 7th CPPCC municipal committee, implement the logistics support work of the meeting affairs, and hold the meeting with high quality and high standard.
Shen Qilin, Li Jingping, Guo Xinglin, Tian Ronghua and Lan Jin, Vice Chairmen of the CPPCC Municipal Committee, and secretary general Mao Yibing, attended the meeting.

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