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Jiumian Expressway in Pingwu Is in Full Construction

2019-03-08 10:57
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 (Mianyang News) -- (Reporter: Yin RupeiTian Mingxia) After the Spring Festival, each section of the Jiumian Expressway have been built one after another. Reporters recently learned that the construction of each  section in Pingwu of Jiumian Expressway has been steadily advanced.
On February 23, in the chilly spring, a reporter saw that a super-large rotary drilling equipment was drilling a large pit with a diameter of 2.5 meters and a depth of about 50 meters, which was one of the supportive foundation of the main bridge of Pingwu Fujiang Bridge at the construction site of Fujiang Bridge in the contract section LJ22 of Jiumian Expressway. At present, more than 40 pile foundations has completed in the main bridge of Fujiang Bridge in Pingwu. "The management staff and operators of the tender section began their work on the 8th day of the first month of  the lunar year (February 12). Pile foundation works, substructure works and tunnel works have been fully restored. Currently, about 40% of the pile foundation of the bridge project in the tender section has been completed. Zhonglinshan Bridge and Mujiashan Bridge on the south of Fujiang River and South Approach Bridge of Fujiang Extra-large Bridge in Pingwu will be transferred to the construction of the lower structure in an all-round way. Xu Bo, the production manager of contract section LJ22 of Jiumian Expressway, said that the Wulipo Tunnel constructing in this section is 2.3 kilometers, of which the left tunnel has entered 70 meters, and the construction of the right tunnel would begin in early March.      
On February 23, the reporter saw in the Tunnel of Jiumian Expressway contract section LJ21 in Pingwu that the workers were drilling the tunnel stone. More than 130 people participated in the labor cooperation team of the construction, and the 48 piles of the Shuanghegou Bridge, which was constructed in this section, will be basically completed by the end of February.      
It is said that the Jiumian Expressway starts at the Guoyuan Township in Jiuzhaigou County of the Aba Prefecture, and ends at Zhangjiaping in Donglin Township of the Youxian District in our city. The total length is 244 kilometers, and it is divided into 33 civil construction sections. There are 135 kilometers in Pingwu, which is divided into 20 sections.
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