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Yuan Fang Went to Pingwu County to Supervise the construction of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang Highway

2019-05-05 15:58
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April 27th, Yuanfang, Deputy Secretary of the Mianyang Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Miangyang, went to the construction site of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang highway, and made an in-depth investigation on the construction site of Pingwu Section. He stressed that, in the premise of quality and work safety, the construction must target at task and guarantee the sufficient supply to accelerate the progress with great efforts for the utilization of the road as soon as possible, so as to make it more convenient to people.
At the construction site,  Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang Highway No. L22, in the bustle and hustle and noise, the highway was under construction.
“How is the construction fared now? Is there any difficulties? Have the essential element of construction been put into place? ”Yuan fang went to the site, where he solicitously enquired the detailed information, including the current situation, the financial support in the process and the essential elements.
He pointed out that Jiumian Expressway is the largest infrastructure construction project in our city, which is of far-reaching significance in promoting the opening up and driving the economic development along the line.This year is the crucial year for the construction of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang highway. Relevant departments should enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, further intensify their efforts, strengthen overall coordination and factor guarantee, timely and in-depth project line coordination to solve difficulties and problems, and strive to provide high-quality services for construction to ensure the efficient and orderly progress of the project. Construction unit should take the the advantageous time before the flood season, pay close attention to the target tasks and standardize the construction. The requirement of safety construction should be strictly satisfied during the whole process of the construction. And on the guarantee of the quality and te safety, construction units can speed up the process and to make more investment amounts and physical workload, and strive for the early completion and opening of the Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang highway.
It is reported that, the filling and a half of the roadbed excavation in each section of Mianyang City of Jiuzhaigou-Mianyang highway have been completed 49.5%, the bridge pile foundation has been completed 72%, the bridge pier and column have been completed 43.9%, and the tunnel excavation has been completed 24.1%. All construction tasks are being vigorously and orderly promoted.
During his visit in Pingwu, Yuanfang also went to Gaocun Township to investigate the development of Pingwu rural cultural tourism industry, and stressed that Pingwu county should develop the distinctive characteristics industries, with the rich travel resources including  beautiful natural environment, long history and cultural resources, rich national customs and other elements as its support, and strive to create a unique style of cultural tourism town, so as to inject more vitality into rural revitalization.
Luo Zongzhi, the municipal leader, and Wu Mingyu, the Secretary-General of the Municipal Government participated in the supervision and investigation.
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